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      Corporate Responsibility
      COAMC Group Members
      He Left This World Behind, But His Child Is Not Alone

      In January 2012, Youth League Committee issued a proposal “A Touching Story of COAMC” and organized a fund raiser for Song Jian from COAMC’s outsourcing service company who passed away in a car accident to help his young daughter and aged parents. After the proposal was issued, donations came in from company headquarters, provincial offices, Dongxing Securities, Bangxin Asset Management, Daye Trust, Donghe Data and other holding companies. By February 1 2012, 148,420 yuan was donated in total from 217 employees. A journalist from Beijing Evening Post uncovered the news from Weibo and wrote an article about it in Beijing Evening Post’s Charitable World Column under the title He Left the World Behind, But His Child Is Not Alone.

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