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      Our Staff
      Orient Youth
      COAMC Group Members
      In December 2013 COAMC Held a Training Course for the Entire Senior Management of COAMC

      ▲ Xiang Bing, Dean of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) teaching a course to the entire senior management.

        ▲ Corporate leaders attentively taking the course. 

        ▲ President Zhang Zi’ai communicating with Liao Jianwen, Vice-dean of CKGSB.

        ▲ Professor Zhou Jing from CKGSB awards senior management members with certificates of senior management education.

      In preparation for the system reform of COAMC and to upgrade the knowledge structure of senior management, from December 1 to December 4, 2013, COAMC held its senior management training course in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).

      Meeting the demands of knowledge upgrade of senior management members and corporate transformation, this training emphasized on broadening the vision, developing and elevating skills. Under the theme “strategic innovation, new management ideas and leadership”, the course included globalization and new management ideas, strategic innovation and sustainable development, and strategic leadership and were taught by Dean Xiang Bing, Vice Dean Liao Jianwen and Professor Zhou Jing from Jones Graduate School of Business of Rice University.

      The four-day course covered a broad range of diverse knowledge, theories, case studies and emphasized on real-life practice. The course involved discussions, interaction sessions, tests and was well-received by the trainees. There were two lectures on Chinese studies, that gave the trainees a chance to understand more about Sinology during their busy class schedule.

      This training course was co-organized by the executive office of COAMC. There were a total of 68 participants including corporate management members and heads of departments in the headquarter, branch offices, and holding companies.

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