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      Group News

      China Orient Party Secretary Wu Yue Hosts 2020 ...


      Core Businesses
      • Asset Management

        Traditional business of COAMC, NPL disposal, asset management, trusteeship & liquidation & financial consultancy for troubled institutions.

        Asset Management

      • Insurance

        All kinds of insurance except life insurance. Over 400 insurance products including personal, family, business and agriculture-related insurance.


      • Bank

        Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.


      • Securities

        Security brokerage,investment & financial consultancy, underwriting & recommendation, asset management & margin trading, trading of all domestic futures.


      • Trust

        Money trust, movable and non-movable property trust, security trust, and investment fund. Direct financial leasing, sale leaseback, vendor lease, and operating lease.


      • Microfinance

        Customized products including BX Pluscredit, BX Bridgecredit, BX Microcredit, BX Minicredit, BX Salarycredit and BX Easycredit.


      • Investment

        Industrial investment through capital management including long-term strategic, medium-term financial and short-term fixed income investment.


      • Credit Rating

        Credit rating, credit investigation and consultancy business for the capital market and credit market which are regulated by PBoC, CSRC, NDRC and CIRC.

        Credit Rating

      • International Business

        Overseas investment, asset management and NPL purchasing which offer opportunities and services for cross-selling for domestic and overseas clients.

        International Business

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