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      COAMC Group Members

      1. The information, pictures and charts provided on the website are for reference only.

      2. All the asset-related information on the website is disclosed to give people a clear picture of the assets that we are planning to dispose of so as to ensure the transparency, justice and fairness of asset disposal. The information about the assets was originally provided by the creditor banks, thus the authenticity and accuracy depend on the original information sources. All the business transactions should be based only on the documents and archives stored in COAMC. Buyers cannot quote the asset information on the website to require COAMC to sell assets.

      3. All the academic articles and research reports are based on the opinions and arguments of the authors themselves. They do not represent the position of COAMC or related companies. They do not constitute advice on any institutional or individual decision making. COAMC and related companies do not shoulder legal obligations for the losses caused by direct or indirect use of the information provided in these articles or reports.

      4. Except for other specific requirements by law, without the permission of the author or right holder, reports,articles and other information presented on the website shall not be extracted or compiled in whole or in part.

      5. If there is anything that has not been mentioned in this statement, please refer to related laws in China. When there is contradiction on any points between this statement and related laws, the requirements of the law shall be followed.

      6. Anyone who logs on this website or directly or indirectly uses the information presented on the website, would be taken as someone who voluntarily accepts the restrictions explained in this statement.

      7. China Orient Asset Management Corporation reserves the right of revision, updating and final explanation to this statement.

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