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      About Us
      Introduction of COAMC
      Chairman's Message
      Company Leaders
      Organizational Chart
      Corporate Culture
      Significant Events
      COAMC Group Members
      Corporate Culture

      Leading financial service group that covers the whole value chain

      Powered by "insurance and asset management" as its core business with sound coordination with other financial services, COAMC will extend its reach and involvement along the whole value chain. With multiple businesses, numerous platforms and diversified products, COAMC offers "One-stop service" and the whole package of financial solutions to suit the customers 'needs at different stages of the business life cycle.

      Keeping up with the changing world through innovation, COAMC strives to enrich its business and enhance the value of the corporation, aiming at building itself as a leading financial service brand with unique advantages, controllable risks and sustainable growth.


      Achievement, sharing and paying back

      We help our clients succeed. Customer-centered, we provide "one-stop service" and whole-value-chain financial services to meet the different needs of the clients at different stages of the business life cycle. Our success depends on our clients' success. Customers' development will boost our business too. We will help clients create value and make their dream come true.

      We want our employees to succeed. COAMC treats its employees with respect and proper incentives to tap on their potential and passion. We offer a wonderful platform for employees to improve themselves, realize their value and work with complete dedication and pure pleasure.

      We need to return what we get to shareholders. Every penny must be used in the right place because we don't want to let investors down. Management needs to be improved so as to enhance the value and profit-earning of the whole corporation. Thus the shareholders can be satisfied with sustainable economic return and maximized share value.

      We have to pay back the society. We should be grateful for what we get from the society and inject "positive energy" to it. On the one hand, COAMC has been actively taking its social responsibility, complying with the laws and regulation, and carrying out the macro-economic and industrial policies made by the government. As a qualified member of the society, we care about the vulnerable groups and contribute to the social harmony and progress by fully engaging ourselves in philanthropic activities.

      Core values

      Survive through innovation, prevail through self-improvement

      COAMC gives high priority to innovation as its lifeblood to survive the competition and explore the market. We feel the urge to keep up with the changing world, keep learning and trying new things, and absorb advanced thoughts and ideas. We need to embrace change by breaking all shackles, making constant improvement to gain new competitive edge with bold exploration.

      A winner is one that keeps going beyond oneself, which serves as a perpetual engine that brings vitality to the enterprise. One can definitely make big achievements step by step only by embracing openness, inclusiveness without sticking to its imperfect past. We should keep self-criticizing and challenging ourselves to do a better job.

      Corporate culture

      Integrity, responsibility, professionalism, harmony

      Honesty and credibility are fundamental both for one's self-perfection and a successful enterprise. Integrity is a necessity for the sustainable development of our business. We have made it one of the crucial principles to guide the way we do business and treat people. There are work ethics and professional red lines that we should watch for. We have no excuse but to honor the contracts, be faithful to what we say, and follow the code of conduct. Reputation is established when one proves his sincerity and credibility. Then we can talk about respect, outside support which will facilitate the accumulation of energy.

      COAMC was born with responsibility. It serves as the basic principle when we expand our business. We could not shy away from the mission to serve the country in the past. We cannot refuse to take the responsibility to facilitate China's financial reform and the globalization of the financial industry. Customers would see us as a reliable partner. The whole community would recognize our role in bringing progress and harmony.

      Everyone has something that he is good at. One needs to be really good at some business to prevail in the financial market. Professionalism is one basic requirement for a financial company. By drafting and standardizing institutions and procedures, continuously improving its service, COAMC could maintain its leading position and creativity as a professional organization with the ability to learn. Clients' trust could add up when COAMC makes itself a famous professional financial service brand.

      Harmony brings win-win results. It should be part of the basic values for a company. Laws must be followed and responsibility should be taken voluntarily. Business should work for social harmony. We understand the importance of practicing the professional ethics, competing but also cooperating with certain rules, to build a level playing field. We think of customers 'interest and the interest of partners along the industrial chain to work together to create more opportunities. We pay respect to the individual's personality and specific concerns. And COAMC values teamwork and sharing to achieve sustainable development for our business.


      Business philosophy

      Putting customers first; focusing on efficiency; coordinating development; seeking excellence

      Putting customers first

      Putting customer first means customers are always at the core of our business philosophy. It is imperative to know our clients, get used to their ways of thinking, meet their demands and tackle their urgent issues. Then we can ensure professional and efficient "one-stop service" and services that cover the whole value chain for our clients to meet their needs at different stages of business life cycle.

      Focusing on efficiency

      Efficiency is the mainstay for the survival of a business. It is the magic wand for a market winner. Better allocation of capital, human resource, technologies and time, combined with a highly efficient team that coordinates well with each other and are capable of thinking out of the box, always lead to greater customer satisfaction and a favorable position in the competition.

      Coordination at the strategic level means strengthened core competitiveness, which facilitates the growing and upgrading of business. Coordination among different businesses, management departments, services, and technologies needs to be intensified. Our company is ready to draw upon the strength derived from multiple platforms, products, customer bases and technology supports that we have to push the corporation forward as a whole which features better financial services that cover the whole value chain.

      Seeking excellence
      It serves as a strong motivation that pushes us to build a successful brand with high quality financial services. Acting as a pioneer in the financial industry, we have made unremitting effort to keep up with the market change and take bold steps to innovate. We did not stumble in the face of mounting pressure and numerous obstacles. Our effort to improve service and the customers 'experience knows no limits. We keep doing that to set higher standards for the whole industry. Keep improving yourself so you can always lead the race.

      Service principles

      Customer counts, service matters

      One knocks on a door when a new customer is on board, then a better picture of the market is presented. One opens a window when a service is provided, and then people know how good you are.

      Customer-centered approach requires a better understanding of what they need and concrete action to solve their problems. We should provide service without any discrimination and stick to the high quality standard during the whole process. Satisfaction is the main yardstick to evaluate our service. Guided by the ideal of seeking perfection, we offer comprehensive professional service with whole-hearted dedication.

      Risk awareness

      Risk management should cover everything, involve everyone and take care of every part of the project.

      100% coverage is crucial because risk threatens the whole corporation. We need to keep an eye on all kinds of risks, focus on every part of the risk and establish a complete risk management system to literally "cover everything".

      Complete risk management system is necessary because risk can be anywhere. We need specific rules and mechanisms to standardize procedures, and do a better job in terms of early warning, risk identification, and risk disposal. Our risk control system should be able to prevent potential risks, control the risks that are still evolving and address the problems that have already occurred.

      Everyone should be involved to guard against risks, which requires clarification of responsibilities to ensure that everything is legal and in line with related rules and regulations. Punishment and incentives should be made clear. Employees should be encouraged to participate to work together to wipe out any blind spot.

      The View of Talent

      Treating employees with respect, incentives, development opportunity and achievement

      Employees are valuable resources for COAMC.
      Respect requires understanding, tolerance and open-mindedness. We should respect their interest, their concern and their choices. Employees need to feel free to show their originality and express different opinions. They can maintain their vigor only in an open and inclusive work place.

      Incentives serve as a whip to guide and push employees to follow the best practice by acknowledging their good work. By establishing a complete incentive system based on their merits, capable employees will get promoted, while non-performers will be demoted. Thus their potential can be explored, making it possible for them to conquer difficulties, blazing new trails and transcending themselves.

      Helping employees to develop means care, love and holding up your expectation. A company that knows the importance of constant learning will improve its employee's skills and personal quality by providing training programs, study groups and partners to make it easier for everyone to develop.

      Achievement requires opportunities, a stage and enough space. "One can go anywhere as his dream takes him". Employees need a broad stage to show their talent with concrete achievements, tapping on their potential to make their ambition come true.

      Staff qualities

      Dedication, probity, optimism, progressiveness

      There is no limit for one's career. Bring out your best.
      Dedication—— concentration, hard work, selflessness, contribution, fulfilling one's duty, sense of responsibility
      Probity—— justice, no self-interest or personal bias involved, be clean
      Optimism——be happy, open-mindedness, no fear of difficulty, face up to the challenge
      Progressiveness——hold lofty ambitions, marching forward courageously, be a quick learner, challenge yourself

      The COAMC logo is an abstract one containing the basic shapes (elements) of a square and a circle, which carry deep philosophical undertones. The square on the outside and the circle within means "wu gui ju bu cheng fang yuan" (Nothing can be accomplished without standards and norms), which in COAMC, represents our compliance and prudence on the one hand, and our initiative as a pioneer and a trailblazer for financial reform and innovation on the other.

      COAMC's logo is patterned with a "si nan" (compass from ancient China) in abstract from, implying that we are a market-oriented company, persisting in the right direction of financial development and providing our clients with professional and comprehensive financial services.

      The square on the outside consists of three lines, linked together from beginning to finish, which makes up a traditional Chinese pattern called "hui wen" (meander motif). Moving from the outside to within symbolizes inclusiveness and unity; moving from the inside to the outside symbolizes openness and an exploratory spirit. The three lines represent the three main lines of business of COAMC, namely insurance, asset management and other financial services; they are also interpreted as COAMC's three development stages: transformation, upgrading, and growth.

      Our logo adopts the color of dark blue like that of the ocean, reflecting the fact that as a major financial institution, COAMC exudes inclusiveness and wisdom that knows no bounds as well as corporate culture that runs deep.

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