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      COAMC News
      COAMC Group Members
      China Orient and CECEP Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Beijing

      On October 15, China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. ('China Orient') and China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. China Orient Chairman Wu Yue, President Deng Zhiyi, Vice President Liang Qiang, and CECEP Chairman Song Xin and Deputy General Managers Zhu Qingfeng and Liu Dajun attended the signing ceremony. Both Parties will, in accordance with the Three-year Action Plan for Reform of State-owned Enterprises, link CECEP's demands for reducing inventories and accounts receivable, spinning off the non-main business and non-competitive business and disposing of inefficient and ineffective assets, and provide integrated financial service so as to achieve a scenario of win-win cooperation.

      Relevant persons in charge of the Main Business Management Department under the headquarters of China Orient, the Collaboration & Customer Management Department and Beijing Branch of the Group, as well as China Insurance, Bank of Dalian, Dongxing Securities, Golden Credit Rating and Orient Capital under China Orient attended the signing ceremony.

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