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      COAMC News
      COAMC Group Members
      China Orient and SPIC Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Beijing

      On October 14, China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. ('China Orient') and State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. China Orient Chairman Wu Yue and Vice President Liang Qiang, as well as SPIC Chairman Qian Zhimin and Chief Accountant Chen Xi of SPIC and others attended the signing ceremony. Both Parties wished to pursue in-depth cooperation in spinning off ineffective assets, disposing of non-main and non-competitive businesses, making structural adjustments, improving industrial layout and providing integrated financial service, etc. by taking the opportunity of establishing a strategic cooperation partnership so as to share resources, complement each other with their own strengths and jointly promote high-quality development of both Parties.

      Relevant persons in charge of the Office of the Headquarters of China Orient, the Main Business Management Department, the Collaboration & Customer Management Department and Beijing Branch of the Group, as well as China Insurance, Bank of Dalian, Dongxing Securities, Golden Credit Rating under China Orient attended the signing ceremony.

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