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      COAMC News
      COAMC Group Members
      China Orient President Deng Zhiyi and Assistant President Zhang Xiangdong Hold a Meeting with Fujian Province Vice Governor Guo Ningning

      On August 27, Guo Ningning, Vice Governor of Fujian Province, paid a visit to China Orient, and held a meeting with President Deng Zhiyi and Assistant President Zhang Xiangdong.

      Both sides exchanged in-depth views on asset management companies' supporting the real economy, resolving regional risks, promoting the restructuring of State-owned enterprises, laying a solid foundation for our further deepening all-round cooperation and achieving the results of win-win and mutual benefit in the future.

      Relevant persons in charge of the General Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government, the local financial supervision and administration and the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, as well as major responsible persons of the Main Business Management Department, Risk Management Department, Asset Preservation Department, Fujian Branch and Dongxing Securities under China Orient were also present at the meeting.

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